2. Luis

Protection, strength

Tree: Rowan (Sorbus spp.)

Letter: L

Photo from Wikipedia

Luis symbolizes a connection with one’s higher spirit or Guardian Angel. Whether you believe in such things or not, we can all agree that without protectors, especially when we are young and defenseless, we human beings make easy prey. Luis indicates you are loved and valued by someone and that they love and value you enough to feel protective of you.

We are surrounded by beings who are willing to teach us and help us grow towards our potential as human beings, but if we reject their good advice with materialist denials or because we are lazy or treat them as spiritual vending machines, they are more than happy to stand aside and leave the doors open for the legions of beings who do not wish us well.

When we grow up, we all become parents of sorts as we end up taking upon the role of self-parent. For example: you get yourself up in the morning, not mom. You obtain food for yourself, you bathe yourself, you are responsible for your own behavior and regulating your own communications and emotions. Luis means you are willing to take the necessary precautions that a good parent would insist upon if you were the child. You are acting as a good parent to yourself, providing protection and sanctuary, allowing yourself room to grow without overreacting in extreme directions.

Questions when you draw Luis:

-At what age did you essentially become your own parent? Was it an appropriate age, or were you too young or too old?
-Have you ever felt the presence of a divine guardian? Have you tried talking to them?
-Who has been a protector or mentor to you in this life, for better or for worse? How do you feel about them?

Ill-dignified excess: Overprotection
Molly-coddling. Overprotective extremes. Being hovered over or hovering over another person only creates lasting weakness, resentment, and damage. The American suburbs are considered the best places to raise young children. They are full of safe, crime-free streets and highways dominated by giant cars and trucks where you take your life in your hands if you try and walk across them. Your kids are placed in a safe, prison-like building called school where the antidepressant-addled products of other safety-concerned parents may randomly mow them down at any time with submachine guns. Your safe job in a safe office building can be erased forever at any moment due to a change of corporate leadership, a companywide bankruptcy, or the minor chance you might not kiss the right person’s butt with enough skill. Safety is a false construct. Overprotection is no protection — sealing oneself off in a bubble, whether it is an elite suburb or countryside doomstead, depletes immunity and makes you an easy target. Aim for resiliency, not complete control.

Ill-dignified dearth: Vulnerability
Abandonment. Unfairness. Overcommitment. Depletion. Too much responsibility on your shoulders. Atlas forced to carry the weight of the world and nobody willing or able to help. Not feeling up to the job of caring for oneself, let alone others. Being over-depended upon. Needing to be nurtured by a loving parent figure. Feeling unable to provide.

“Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.” -Proverb

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.” -Helen Keller