3. Nuin

Communication, transit, distribution, messaging, swiftness, sense of humor

Tree: Ash (Fraxinus spp.)

Letter: N

Social intelligence is a highly underrated skill. The thousands of factors that go into communicating effectively with others (human or otherwise) takes a level of intelligence that is too subtle and complex to be measured… social intelligence is an art. Nuin is a Few that speaks to speed and dexterity in communication, usually in putting a message out there to the community. Nuin means you are linked in to a community and are open to both receiving and transmitting messages. If you are working on your communication skills and reaching people (which we should all be doing) then Nuin indicates it is working.

Nuin has ties to the Norse god Odin (Germanic Wotan) who has ties to the Roman god Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, god of commercial enterprises, communication, and thieves. You can see why ancient Mercury might have a liking for the modern internet. Odin purposefully blinded himself in one eye as a price for accessing Knowledge. This myth is not meant to be taken literally, of course. Some deep thought would suggest that Odin forced himself to brutally limit himself to half the information (becoming Odin One-Eye) in order to gain all the knowledge. The lesson in the Odin myth is that great knowledge comes at a price: you have to ruthlessly limit the noise to receive the signal.

Questions when you draw Nuin:
-Think of three casual acquaintances who you have liked instantly. What made them approachable?
-Think of three casual acquaintances who wanted to know you better but who you did not respond to because they were immediately off-putting. Why did they fail?
-How can you limit the noise of what information comes into your head on a daily basis in order to receive more signal — that which helps you rather than harms?
-What would happen if you eliminated half the media in your life? What would this entail?

Ill-dignified excess: Too much information
Too much information equals distraction. Allowing too much news, internet chatter, television, movies, gossip, and random information into your mind is often a recipe for overload and misery. Limit your diet of electronic babble and make sure to temper exposure to our toxic modern culture with time spent with growing things, rivers, forests, and meadows. Instagram, social media, television, advertising, and petty politics cast a form of black magic upon the beholder, hypnotizing us into feelings of inadequacy so we will buy more products. Nuin ill-dignified in excess could also indicate you are watering down your message by giving too much away about yourself. Don’t write a novel or orate a speech when a well-considered paragraph or epithet will do.

Ill-dignified dearth: Failure or unwillingness to communicate
Presuming people know your mind is problematic, but presuming they both know your mind and agree with you is ten times worse. Has anyone ever tried to reach you via any method possible, including spam advertisements, cold calls, or stalking? Don’t be that spammer/caller/stalker guy. This could also indicate you or someone else is not using resources at hand to communicate or is not putting the care into communication that it deserves. Don’t be the boob who can’t be bothered with the formalities of hello, goodbye, please, thank you, unabbreviated words, and spell check. Whether not being able to communicate with others is born out of misanthropy or earnest bumbling, the result is the same: you still send a clear message about your shortcomings. Nuin is suggesting you or someone affecting your life should learn the challenging skill of how to communicate with others.

“Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.” -P.T. Barnum

“All misdirected mass psychology leads to the destruction of the individual and the decay of civilization.” -Carl Jung

“We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” -Epictetus