3. Ngetal

Healing, cleaning, cleansing, catharsis, paring down

Tree: Broom (Cytisus spp.)

Letter: Ng

Illustration of C. scoparius from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants (1887)

Like when a fever breaks, broom signifies the end of a struggle and the subsequent ability to clear out the junk to make way for a newer, more positive approach. Walking a way from a bad habit or situation can be painful, but not necessarily so. It may also be gradual. Overall, Ngetal is the importance of getting rid of old junk and baggage (this could be actual clutter or psychological baggage, which of course are intimately linked) or it could mean the resolution of action against someone who has wronged you, whether it is forgiveness or cutting and clearing them out of your life. If it is forgiveness, Ngetal suggests it is coming from a genuine place of inner peace. Apologizing does not necessarily make you an apologist.

There is a process of analysis and reflection that eventually distances anger and enables you to feel it without being puppeted by it. Letting go of attachments that aren’t healthy, for instance, an obsession with being liked for the way you look, will help you develop in ways that fulfill your purpose in this life. Ngetal could signify you are beginning to release anxieties about what you have no control over, which will go a long way in healing your spirit.

Questions when you draw Ngetal:
-What bad habits do I have that I’d like to get rid of within the next year?
-Should I wholly forgive a person who is doing me wrong right now, cut them out of my life, or figure out a strategy that is somewhere in-between?

Ngetal ill-dignified excess: Compulsive cleanliness
Have you ever wondered what kind of person lives in a beautiful, stark, minimalist Mies Van der Rohe interior of white surfaces punctuated by sheets of steel and glass? Some would guess it’s a wonderful person with the perfect celebrity life, but this author believes it would be Patrick Bateman, the creepy protagonist of the novel American Psycho. Minimalism has its advantages for certain, but ruthless minimalism can strip the human warmth from our earthly existence. Scorched earth means nothing will grow for a long time. A too-dramatic approach to anything can create lasting damage — it is better to seek a middle ground; a ternary. A good example of too-dramatic approaches lies in modern medicine, which often seeks to amputate or chemically assault the offending body part instead of a gentler approach to heal the whole body. Drawing Ngetal ill-dignified at any rate is most likely telling you that you need to heal because your physical body needs rest and recuperation.

Ngetal ill-dignified dearth: Clutter
Not letting go of stuff, whether it is physical or emotional baggage, is harming your health. Materialism of any sort always has diminishing returns. For instance, if you have to pay to have someone clean your house or to store your excess stuff elsewhere such as a storage facility, you may just genuinely have too much stuff. What are you hanging on to it for? If you died tomorrow and someone else had to deal with what you left behind, would it change your outlook of how much you need to live? Scarcity issues often result in hoarding or hoarding lite, where you aren’t living in grotesque conditions but they are far from ideal or livably clean. A sense of deprivation often leads us to binge on food, entertainment, shopping, or even sex. Instead of feeling deprived, is there a way you can feel grateful for what you have? Once again, this Ogham is saying rest so you can clear out clutter on the astral plane, because if it is ill-dignified, you risk becoming or staying ill.

“It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you got.” -Song by Sheryl Crow

“The more the Wendigo eats, the hungrier it becomes.” -Algonquin legend

“It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” -Bertrand Russell